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Ocean Cove Davao is one of the most promising real estate developments in Davao. It is a seaside community that features the French Riviera theme. In order to be consistent with the theme, the developers went all-out in providing the development with world-class facilities and amenities that the future residents can enjoy and to elevate the quality of their life.

The Community Clubhouse is the central amenity that is offered at Ocean Cove. This Clubhouse features an elegant and grandiose architectural style that is consistent with the French Riviera theme. Located right in front of the clubhouse is the Infinity pool. This pool is designed to look like that of an exclusive resort. To top it off, the pool also fronts the ocean so you can enjoy the view of the Davao gulf while you are enjoying your swim. The pool comes with a shower room and dressing area for your convenience.

In addition to the clubhouse and infinity pool, there is also a pool cabana for the residents to enjoy. This cabana comes with a view deck. Hence, you can stay here if you are not up for a swim but simply want a relaxing place to lounge in while relishing the view in front of you! Meanwhile, there is also a promenade provided in this development and it is built with several picnic huts that are available to use for those who want to enjoy a picnic.

Aside from these leisure facilities, there are also plenty of amenities provided for homeowners in Ocean Cove that are seeking out an active lifestyle to promote wellness. For instance, there is a dedicated tai-chi area for those who would like to practice this art. You can use this space for practicing tai-chi or for meditative purposes. If you seek a more active form of lifestyle, there is also a basketball court available in this subdivision. For the young children, a playground is built to provide them a spot to hang out and play with one another.

The facilities and amenities listed above are designed to elevate your lifestyle. But that is not the end of it – there are also plenty of open and landscaped areas throughout the entire development site. Again, it is part of the developer’s commitment to provide a blend of nature and space. You will therefore enjoy the spacious living condition that you get to enjoy here.

The security of the homeowners is also a top priority for the developers. Hence, the subdivision comes with an entrance gate that is guarded by security personnel. This will keep unauthorized personnel from entering the premises. In addition to the subdivision gate, the entire development is also protected by perimeter fence and wall. The guards are also working on a 24/7 shift to ensure that the entire property is secure and safe.

To complete the long list of facilities and amenities offered at Ocean Cove Davao, here are a few more of these amenities: drainage system, power and water distribution system, sewage treatment facilities, 12-meter wide spine road, and beach ball games area.  

  • 24-Hour Security
  • Perimeter Theme Wall
  • Children’s Playground
  • Tai-chi Area
  • Beach ball games area
  • Clubhouse
  • Infinity Swimming Pool with Pool Cabana
  • Basketball Court
  • 12-Meter Wide Spine Road
  • Perimeter Fence
  • Fully Landscaped Development
  • Sewer Treatment Facility
  • Efficient Drainage & Water Distribution System
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